Weddings at St Anne's

Planning Your Wedding

Anyone who lives in St Anne's parish may get married at St Anne's Church or our sister church, St James in Thurland Rd. You don't have to be a regular churchgoer, nor do you have to have been baptised (christened).

Just contact us us to make a booking or phone the church office on 020 3643 2327.

For information about planning your wedding we recommend the official Church of England wedding planner.
You can see the words of the Marriage Service here and view the Service of Prayer and Dedication after a Civil Marriage here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why get married anyway? Christians believe that marriage is a special relationship created by God. It involves a public commitment to a lifelong relationship of faithfulness and love between a man and a woman.

This commitment is spelled out in the vows that the couple make to each other in the marriage service. Christians believe that marriage with its commitment to permanence offers the degree of stability and security that we all need in relationships and that our children also need.

What is the difference between marriage and living together? 
Marriage is based on a public declaration of lifelong commitment between a man and a woman. With living together there may or may not be a commitment for life and usually the commitment has not been expressed publicly.

Who can get married at St James? For a couple to get married at St James normally one person must either live in St James parish or St Anne's parish or be on the church electoral roll.

In some cases others who have a strong link with the church, but do not live in the parish, are able to marry at St James. Please contact the church office for details.

Where one person has been married before and the previous partner is still alive normally a Service of Prayer & Dedication after a Civil Marriage is offered, though in exceptional circumstances a full church wedding may be possible under the latest Church of England guidelines.

How much does a wedding in church cost?
The legal fees for a wedding in the Church of England in 2018 are shown here.

In addition there are a few extras which we can tell you about when you book your wedding. Many of them are optional, like an organist, heating and bells, so it depends on what you want to include on your big day. 

What help is there to prepare you for being married? You will be invited to come on our marriage preparation course which help prepare for your marriage. 

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